Reciprocity – Reflection of the other



During the winter of 2020, still in pre-confinement, I began to classify the colors present in my daily life. During the subway ride from home to the studio, I would notice the few people who were dressed in colorful clothes in the middle of a sea of ​​black coats. Colors like flowers that generated a momentary impulse in me, a shock that transports me to a world of emotional ties. My interpretation as an individual of a spectrum of light reflected by this environment.

Among so many stimuli that could attract my attention in this routine journey, what could be the motivation to select this feeling? The appropriation of color as a subjective element to be analyzed is something that walks side by side with the linear figurative representation throughout my production as a visual artist.

I work with the idea of ​​interference from the environment in the personality of the individual and I see myself as a sum of these interferences, within this content I carry with me colors that are added and reflected in the moment that I am living.

In the same way that colors interfere with each other, the coexistence and relationship within a group of people is the result of this fusion of references and personal stories. «Reciprocity – Reflection of the other» is the analysis where I present as the main theme the analogy of optical, chromatic and visual reading as a synthesis to poetically represent the relationship between individuals.

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