In the search for an authorial aesthetic in the artistic production of Tuike Souza, in this series, the artist fins the inspiration in contemporary dance. In the works of this series, the subject is one of the main figures in the dance scene, the dancer. It’s from her, where the plastic movement emerges. In the busts, the strong strokes represent the strength and at the same time the organic serenity of the feminine figure. Imaginary portraits represented with lines where the static image of the human figure contrasts with the calligraphic dynamism of the lines.

For this set of works, the artists chose to work with a more open representation, where on the main figure (red) there’s other overlaid graphic compositional elements in orange and pink colours; these elements are aimed to create a visual effect in which the reading of the image doesn’t have start nor end. The graphic cleaning is for some, and obvious sign and for others, a skein of abstract lines; this is the relation that the artist seeks for, a portrait-anti-portrait.

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