In this work the feminine figure is represented as a POP-corn exploding from the walls of the white cube, fluctuating in space, where the silence of the images deadens the weight of gravity.

With street-art and pop-art influences, the work of Tuike Souza, in general, is characterized by linear representation and by the presence of strong colours.

For the “POP-Corn” exhibition he chose to erase this research and work mainly with black and white or else leaving a sample of the original colour of the used support in the making of the works.

After temporally living in Brazil, he’s origin country, Tuike Souza comes back to Spain to present this new project that represents a new beginning. Even being a “restart”, the majority of pieces are made with the stencil technique, one of the first techniques that the artists ever used as artistic expression. This graffiti technique, as well as the pop culture stickers and Paste-Up, as an anarchic way of protest, are techniques that influenced his path and are reflected in this project, where Tuike searched in his origins the links with his current moment.

Joining traditional techniques with some contemporary technologies, the works are developed within the “makers” concept. 3D prints, vinyl prints, laser cuts… are some of the tools used for the creation of “Maker-Art” content pieces. It’s the “DIY” (Do it yourself) with the use of new technologies of production and reproduction used in the actual industry applied to the artistic world.