Movement Itself. A fractioned Instant



A musicality image of the corporal expression, result of the instrument

«Person», motivated by the musical note B, in itself. The abstract movement of the body, a fractionated instant represented with the superposition of static images, a choreography represented in a sequential way, where movement emerges through the chromatic reading of the image. In the series “Movement Itself. A fractionated instant” the figure is represented through strong strokes, which reinforce the two-dimensional shape figures, the lines gain importance (in relation to previous works); on these works colour stops being the background level to reinforce the lines and give a more dynamic reading of the images; the colours are the result of a chromatic study of elements and objects that go back to the origins of the artist, a chromatic insertion on a beige background which the author relates to the architectonic historic elements from the region of Tarragona.