In the work of Tuike Souza, the influence of the environment in which the work was produced has always been a relevant item, linked to the linear figurative representation. The return to Spain of the artists in 2015 ended up incentivising new ways of seeing and new interests generated by the Barcelona urban content. In previous cases, some characteristic elements were transformed into signs or colours that went back to the abstract representation of the inspiring space of the artists. For this new series of works, the artist directly choses some encountered elements in his environment and integrates them in the making of the piece. 

In this project, the artist takes over an element found through the city, stickers with contact locksmiths. This type of publicity is an irregular communication vehicle which in the majority of cases doesn’t have the owner’s permission, either being public or private, for the sticker to be stacked. The artist links this kind of advertisement with street-art, in particular with the stickers (adhesives with artistic content set in the urban space).

In 2006 graffiti became illegal in the city of Barcelona, despite this the urban artists seek ways to communicate and publish their work. Stickers end up being a quick and easy way of working, dribbling the possible sanctions by part of public institutions, in the same way it happens with the advertising stickers. These POP elements found in the urban space are captured and transferred for the artistic thought in another context. The artist questions the limit between art and publicity, exhibit space as urban space and puts his art in one of the actual realities inside this “IN_torno”